Broken Buffy Things

While Buffy and friends were valiantly fighting to save the world time after time, one unfortunate side effect of that mission was a LOT of collateral damage pretty much everywhere they ever went. This blog endeavors to document all the property damage ever done in the major recurring settings of both Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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Mar 14

Buffy - 1x06 - The Pack

Sunnydale High

Xander and the other possessed students (who I’ll be calling “the pack”) rip apart a small pig’s cage and eat the pig. When the pack kills and eats Principal Flutie, one of them throws his telephone across the room, but it’s unclear if it’s destroyed. While sitting in his chair, he gets pounced on and the chair falls to the floor while he’s still in it. Again, exact damage can’t be determined. Buffy hits Xander with a desk, but once again exact damage can’t be determined, as it’s only mentioned and not seen. Two of the library windows are broken, and then Xander and the pack rip the door off of the caged portion of the room.