Broken Buffy Things

While Buffy and friends were valiantly fighting to save the world time after time, one unfortunate side effect of that mission was a LOT of collateral damage pretty much everywhere they ever went. This blog endeavors to document all the property damage ever done in the major recurring settings of both Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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Mar 17

Buffy - 1x07 - Angel

Buffy’s House

Buffy tosses Angel through the front window after she thinks he bit Joyce. I seem to remember this particular window being broken a lot, so I’m going to keep a specific count on it - this is the first time.

Sunnydale High

Buffy shoots a wall with a crossbow. Why not?

The Bronze

Buffy shoots a wall with a crossbow, twice. To be fair, she was aiming at Angel this time. Darla fires her guns roughly 36 times. One bullet hits Angel, all the others hit various areas of The Bronze. Things hit by gunfire include the top of a pool table, a glass counter/bar thing, and several glass cups on top of the bar. The pool table gets shoved across the room and into a wall - it doesn’t break, but it must suffer some amount of damage. There’s clearly much more damage done than can be specifically identified in this one.

Side note:

This episode introduces two new recurring settings. First, Angel’s Living Quarters, which will be a recurring setting that sees damage in the future. For now, it remains damage free. Second, Sunnydale Hospital, which also remains without damage in this episode.