Broken Buffy Things

While Buffy and friends were valiantly fighting to save the world time after time, one unfortunate side effect of that mission was a LOT of collateral damage pretty much everywhere they ever went. This blog endeavors to document all the property damage ever done in the major recurring settings of both Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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Mar 26

Buffy - 1x11 - Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Sunnydale High

Marcie (the invisible girl) paints “LOOK” on four lockers - one letter per locker. It isn’t a much damage, but they will need to be repainted, so it counts. Marcie breaks a valve in the gas room in the basement. Buffy punches a hole in a door so she can unlock it. Marcie knocks Buffy through the floor of her ceiling fort area - Buffy falls through the ceiling, breaking some unknown glass object that was in the ceiling, and lands on a table. The table is destroyed.

The Bronze

Marcie spells out “LEARN” on a stage curtain with what looks to be five pounds of glitter. Similar to the painted lockers. It’s not really destroyed, but it certainly needs to be replaced.