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While Buffy and friends were valiantly fighting to save the world time after time, one unfortunate side effect of that mission was a LOT of collateral damage pretty much everywhere they ever went. This blog endeavors to document all the property damage ever done in the major recurring settings of both Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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Mar 30

Buffy - 1x12 - Prophecy Girl

Sunnydale High

There’s freaking earthquake. It destroys much more than can be seen, but items in the library include a vase, a plate carrying a teacup (but, surprisingly, the teacup survives the fall off the desk), and several of the bookshelves on the upper level. The wall cracks wide open, as does the floor. Later, one of the upper level railings is seen broken in half.

A pack of vampires kill several students in a school room. A table is broken in half. There are a lot of things knocked down, and there’s blood on a lot of things, but most of it seems like it could be picked up and cleaned off.

Cordelia drives her car through two doorways - one leading into the school and one in the hallway - both are completely destroyed, as is some of the wall surrounding them. Vampires break both of the windows on the Library doors. Someone, likely The Master, breaks a hole in the Roof Access door. A demon breaks through the floor of the Library, then later tosses Giles through the large table in the center of the room. The table is demolished. Buffy throws The Master through a window dome on the roof into the Library.

The Bronze

Also damaged in the earthquake, but specifics can’t be determined.

Mar 26

Buffy - 1x11 - Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Sunnydale High

Marcie (the invisible girl) paints “LOOK” on four lockers - one letter per locker. It isn’t a much damage, but they will need to be repainted, so it counts. Marcie breaks a valve in the gas room in the basement. Buffy punches a hole in a door so she can unlock it. Marcie knocks Buffy through the floor of her ceiling fort area - Buffy falls through the ceiling, breaking some unknown glass object that was in the ceiling, and lands on a table. The table is destroyed.

The Bronze

Marcie spells out “LEARN” on a stage curtain with what looks to be five pounds of glitter. Similar to the painted lockers. It’s not really destroyed, but it certainly needs to be replaced.

Mar 18

Buffy - 1x10 - Nightmares

Firstly, due to the dream-like nature of this episode, it’s important to sort everything in to two categories: direct and indirect. The Ugly Man’s existence is a direct result of the nightmares. When Billy wakes up, The Ugly Man no longer exists. Laura being attacked is an indirect result of the nightmares, and when Billy wakes up, I’m assuming that it doesn’t undo Laura’s attack. Because of this, some damage (direct) is reversed at the end of the episode, but other damage (indirect) remains. I don’t know for sure if this is how it works, but otherwise I could just go “lolz everything gets fixed at the end this episode has no damage” when, clearly, a lot of things get broken.

Sunnydale High

The Ugly Man knocks Laura into something when he attacks her in the basement. It’s unclear what it is or if it breaks, but it does fall. This damage is indirect, so whatever it is stays broken. The school is later seen in of disrepair, but nothing seems to be damaged. There’s mostly just a lot of trash and plastic tarps everywhere. Regardless of the exact damage, it’s all a direct result of the nightmares and therefore returns to normal when Billy wakes up.

Sunnydale Hospital

The hospital is also seen in a state of disrepair. It’s much worse than the school. Equipment is thrown everywhere, papers are all over the floor, decorations are falling from the wall, and a crew of people can be seen rushing into a patient’s room with a defibrillator. It’s possible much of the equipment is failing. Fortunately, it’s all directly caused by the nightmares, and the hospital returns to normal working order as soon as Billy wakes up.

Buffy - 1x09 - The Puppet Show

Sunnydale High

Buffy breaks open a locker. Sid drops a chandelier on Buffy. None of the things broken in the fight scene later are school property.

Buffy - 1x08 - I Robot, You Jane

This episode sees the introduction of Willow’s House. As far as I can remember, the damage done there is minimal to none, but it shows up just often enough to make the list.

Sunnydale High

Fritz, one of the students taken in by Moloch, sets a trap for Buffy in the girls locker room. A set of live electrical wires hangs from the ceiling down to the floor. It seems to be implied that it comes from the overhead light. If that’s that case, he broke at least part of the lighting setup to set the trap.

Also, this shit happens.

Mar 17

Buffy - 1x07 - Angel

Buffy’s House

Buffy tosses Angel through the front window after she thinks he bit Joyce. I seem to remember this particular window being broken a lot, so I’m going to keep a specific count on it - this is the first time.

Sunnydale High

Buffy shoots a wall with a crossbow. Why not?

The Bronze

Buffy shoots a wall with a crossbow, twice. To be fair, she was aiming at Angel this time. Darla fires her guns roughly 36 times. One bullet hits Angel, all the others hit various areas of The Bronze. Things hit by gunfire include the top of a pool table, a glass counter/bar thing, and several glass cups on top of the bar. The pool table gets shoved across the room and into a wall - it doesn’t break, but it must suffer some amount of damage. There’s clearly much more damage done than can be specifically identified in this one.

Side note:

This episode introduces two new recurring settings. First, Angel’s Living Quarters, which will be a recurring setting that sees damage in the future. For now, it remains damage free. Second, Sunnydale Hospital, which also remains without damage in this episode.

Mar 14

Buffy - 1x06 - The Pack

Sunnydale High

Xander and the other possessed students (who I’ll be calling “the pack”) rip apart a small pig’s cage and eat the pig. When the pack kills and eats Principal Flutie, one of them throws his telephone across the room, but it’s unclear if it’s destroyed. While sitting in his chair, he gets pounced on and the chair falls to the floor while he’s still in it. Again, exact damage can’t be determined. Buffy hits Xander with a desk, but once again exact damage can’t be determined, as it’s only mentioned and not seen. Two of the library windows are broken, and then Xander and the pack rip the door off of the caged portion of the room.

Buffy - 1x05 - Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Another safe getaway for the main settings. Xander almost breaks a mirror in Buffy’s room, but it remains fully intact.

Mar 9

Buffy - 1x04 - Teacher’s Pet

In a stunning turn of events, none of the the major settings suffer any damage in this episode. In a dream, Xander breaks off the bottom of a chair leg and kills a vampire at The Bronze, but then he wakes up in Biology class. Buffy’s biology teacher does get killed on school grounds. The only thing broken in the attack are his glasses, which are his own property.

Buffy - 1x03 - The Witch

Sunnydale High

Buffy destroys a flag while putting out a burning cheerleader. Cordelia hits four traffic signs and several cones with the driver’s ed car, then crashes through a chain link fence and some bushes. A van hits the opened car door. Important to note that once Cordelia crashes through the fence, they aren’t on school property anymore, but the car itself belongs to the school. Amy/Catherine breaks a glass case in order to get an axe, then chops a hole in a locked door in order to unlock it. After being put back in her body, Catherine magically throws a table at Giles - several glass beakers on the desk are broken. Catherine then drives the axe into a nearby table. Buffy throws Catherine into a shelf, breaking more chemistry equipment. Buffy knocks the stand off of some kind of mirror thing. No damage to the mirror itself.

Buffy’s House

Buffy accidentally breaks an alarm clock the morning after Amy/Catherine puts a spell on her.

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